Kat Opera Clutch

$ 70.00

The Kat opera clutch is adorned with a Koi fish, which symbolize happiness, good fortune, good luck and a person’s ability to aspire to be a better. Legend has it that the Koi climbed a waterfall, and regardless of the heavy current trying to keep it down in the pool below, the koi battled with great perseverance to reach the top of the falls, because it wanted so badly to achieve what it had gone there to do. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, the Koi represents courage and the ability to attain high goals. 

Opera clutches are perfect for holding all the essentials, neatly. Great for use as a clutch or wallet with a larger bag. Their hard shell casing protects your items and soft padding so they feel good to hold. Inside features two pockets on each side, for cash. One zipper pocket for loose items, four slots for credit cards and one clear slot for photo ID.

~Pique cotton
~Heavy weight cotton
~Hard backing
~100% Dupioni silk
~Re enforced stitching
~Nickel frame
~ 7.25 inch long 4.75 inch high


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